Goods Insurance


1. We don’t undertake Electrical, Carpentry & Plumber job.

2. We our agent will be exempted form any kind of loss or damage done due accident, pilferage, fire rain collision or any other road/river hazard or any natural calamity. So to avoid kind of loss or damage we advise you to insure your consignment covering all risk.

3. Please be noted while carrier risks, no individual policy/receipt, from the insurance company, will be given.

4. We request you to pay us 100%as advance on total amount along with purchase order at loading point.

5. If requires we also provide STORAGE FACILITY to our customers a very normal charge i.e. ….per day. But loading unloading & local delivery will be charge.

6. We would be thankful, if you cued give us prior intimation of 4-5 days in advance to start the paking of your valued articles.

7. Car should have at least 12 liters of petrol/diesel.

8. In case of local shifting, corrugated box used for packing be handed over to our repo completing of work.

9. Parties advice not too handover valuables like gold/other precious stones/Ornaments/cash.

10. Caring liquor, Gas Cylinder, Acid or any type of liquids (Like Ghee Tinfoil etc.) is totally PROHIBITED.

11. If you wish to retain the plastic crates an amount of rs.1000/- per rate crate will be charged.

12. Please don’t hand over oil/such products which will split & spoil you belongings.

13. We don’t undertake responsibility of carriage of gumlas /plants.